Bennie Davis was born and raised in Jefferson and, as a child, loved playing with toys that made music. As he grew, his interest in music never wavered. However, his life took a difficult turn when a childhood accident resulted in blindness in both eyes. But that didn't stop Bennie's love of PLAYING MUSIC. He carried right on with it, teaching himself the guitar and drums and sometimes other instruments as well. He was, as is said, "a natural"!

His first gig was at the age of fifteen playing with a country band made up of students from the Austin School for the Blind. After that, he played with a rock and roll band until he returned to Jefferson to finish high school. He had a 15-minute weekly radio show and appeared periodically on a teen television show in Shreveport about that time. Following graduation, he married and moved to San Angelo where he PLAYED MUSIC with
a band that later became famous, The Cavaliers. He enrolled in cafe management school, finished, purchased a cafe and joined another band. When nothing worked out, including marriage, he continued to PLAY MUSIC around the area and enrolled in Kilgore Junior College, putting himself through school by PLAYING MUSIC. He moved to Houston and later attended Stephen F. Austin in Nacogdoches where he graduated in 1972 with a Master's degree. He later became employed by the State of Texas and remarried -- all while paying the bills PLAYING MUSIC. He purchased two music stores and operated them for several years while keeping his State job until retirement -- and he NEVER stopped PLAYING MUSIC in all that time!

After all these decades and now at the age of 76 years, he is still PLAYING MUSIC in weekly gigs around the area. Bravo! OHTP recognizes and congratulates Bennie Davis for following his dreams successfully!